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Palliative care at home

Home palliative care requires coordination between the public health system (hospitals and clinics as they are known in Venezuela), the family, and the home medical team. There are essential requirements for the patient to remain at home, with the family and the social environment playing a major role. Not only the patient and their family benefit, but also the health system, since long and high-cost hospital stays will be avoided in hospitals and clinics that are more prepared to cure than to care for patients.

Regarding the place of care of the terminally ill patient, some studies have shown that terminally ill patients preferred to spend the last stage of their life at home.

Benefits of home health care

For the patient: he is in a familiar environment, maintaining his privacy, being able to carry out certain work tasks, continue with his habits and some of his hobbies. The food is more varied and the hours are not rigid.

For the family:achieves greater satisfaction by actively participating in care. You can carry out care more easily, without haste. You feel that you respect the patient's will to remain at home. Pathological grief is prevented.

For the health system: long and high-cost hospitalizations are decreased. Avoid unnecessary treatment, reducing the possibility of falling into therapeutic frenzy. In Latin America and Venezuela, the economic savings that would be produced by displacing hospitalizations towards the continuous home care sector would surely be extremely important. This capital saving would allow for greater efficiency in public health and adequate fees for members of the home palliative care team.

Necessary requirements for the patient to remain at home: it is necessary that the patient wants to be at home, that he has an adequate social and family environment and that his family can take care of him. A suitable medical work team is required to perform palliative care at home.


MédicoEnTuCasa has a medical team headed by an internist who goes to the home to provide palliative care at home.

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Internal medicine, geriatrics, preoperative cardiovascular, electrocardiogram, holter, spirometry, laboratory